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Jeju Airport Frozen

Worst blizzard in 32 years, amid freezing cold record in 7 years, halts all operations in the sole international airport of Korea’s Southern-most tropical island paradise .

some had to wait six hours in the plane on false hope, only to return to the terminal . thus most of its flights began canceling January 23 Saturday late afternoon, and is now expected to resume late this evening . so many to-be passengers were stranded in the airport for two nights continuously . the first night was the worst as authorities were not prepared for this, and some had to purchase shipping carton boxes for freight, to use as bedding .

at least basic rations were provided last (second) night, along with emergency mattresses . plus guides to near-by hotels, and adjusting drugstore hours as well as providing medical aide . there are now many hotels and pensions operating all around the island, but those within 10-minutes access were all booked, while those further were hard to reach due to roads being blocked due to excessive snow-fall .

extra police had to be re-enforced last night when a group of Chinese tourists, waiting for over 12 hours was angered by another group arriving later than them – being provided hotels first – tried to take over a check-in counter guarded by local security . seems the misunderstandings furthered fury when, after the airlines was able to furnish transportation and lodging : the hotel refused to take-in Chinese .

ALL flights have been canceled continuously for two days now, while announcements keep on getting delayed on when flights will resume . The latest expect it will be 8pm tonight Monday January 25 .



( Afternoon Update ) the first flights began leaving this afternoon, but due to the amount of travelers stranded, may take more time for schedules to return to normal . also all the hardship they had to endure the past three days began to surface – reference material for future crisis on other airports as well :

  1. stranded travelers had to make a decision on whether to seek lodging, or wait in front of check-in counters for available tickets .
  2. ALL hotels as well as pensions within 10 minutes drive from the airport were full, as those already there extended their stay .
  3. they could not yonder much further in seeking lodging due to weather, but also taxi’s were insisting many times more actual fare rates .
  4. drinks and snacks at convenience stores in the airport were sold-out, but relief in the form of FREE water and bread eventually began in latter hours .


+Just to show you how a war-torn nation swiftly developed without mercy, compassion and righteousness NOT to mention efficient emergency plans : following are discussion exchanged between (A) Jeju Self-Governing Province administrators and (B) Korea Airport Service Jeju Regional HeadQuarters during strategic meetings .

  1. (A) Please turn-on heating over-night for travelers caught in the Airport .
    (B) Who will pay heating costs ?
    (A) We will .
    (B) We need authorization from above, so may be better to transfer them to Halla Sports Hall .
  2. (A) We will provide bread and snacks, for travelers caught over-night in the Airport .
    (B) Do so after 10pm when convenience stores and restaurants close .
  3. (A) We will provide mattresses for stuck travelers .
    (B) Who will care for it, and be responsible if children get injured playing on it ?


– but it is among this blizzard that Jeju isle dot com began operation, inspired by this year’s Oscar Awards contender : The HateFul Eight –

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