Jeju isle


Jeju island although the largest of any isle around the Korean Peninsula, does NOT have any real city, especially considering the mass-concentrated living the nation is accustomed to after the War . so the barely hand-ful are largely for administrative purpose . in fact they can be said as two towns : Jeju City at the Northern Center and SeoGuiPo at the opposite end on its Southern tip . Shin-Jeju translated as NEW Jeju is a small blimp attached on Jeju City’s Western border, after which is its sole airport (the second speculated last year in 2015 and now designated to be South-East).

its Southern counterpart SeoGuiPo can then be said as a small village in modern terms . and JoonMun Resort because it forms a quite a huge cluster (in Jeju terms) just outside SeoGuiPo to its West can be observed as a city in itself, although unofficial . then the most touristy of the whole island where you can see lines of buses is at East-end where people assemble to see sunrise, aptly named HaeDodgi (Sun-rise)



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