Jeju isle


Yes if you are here on business (great kinda work you have !) you are stuck to their schedule, and if you are prospecting for real estate investment : your realtor or agent will drive you around and put you into their choice of lodging . if you are on your honeymoon or are the type to linger in the largest hotel or resort : you can take their shuttle bus and stay within the compounds for the whole length of your stay .

But the true meaning and how I recommend you see this unique Korean island : is to rent a car and stop over at least two nights while driving around the outer beach-side roads one full circle back to the airport . Counter-clock-wise is best for Koreans drive on the right side of the road, thus your car will on the beach-side all through the tropical journey .



  1. Rental Companies : ofcourse all Global biggies are serviced here in Jeju and you can get your mileage, but much discount can be had with Korean or even smaller companies with offices ONLY in Jeju island . on the latter, the price goes further down if you go through a sales portal (internet travel sites) who cares for several rental companies .
  2. Make & Model : You can select the exact model and sometimes the year of your car well in advance, but seldom the color which will be at random .
  3. Price : domestic models will cost you well below W100,000 daily, while compact imports will go over W100,000 and sedans or SUV imports over W200,000 .
  4. insurance : the usual ritual applies when you try to rent a car anywhere around the World, as the rental company will try to lure you into more coverage . but in South Korea and especially Jeju, where awaiting queue lines can be long on vacation season : they will explain everything up-front on their website and even put up sale prices before you arrive at your destination . Usually everything is covered (including Liability and yourself) except the rental car itself (LDW) and it is up to you to take it for around W20,000 a day while at discount . and I advise you to take it //
  5. Pick-Up : Exit via Gate 5 and cross the road and after a short walk further Right (West) there is a small single floor temporary building called Rentacar House . each rental company small and large have a booth in there, while you may have to wait more than an hour if you’ve rented from a large portal site . after you’ve registered, you have to go outside to a trailer with the same company name, whose attendant will guide you to your car to check it together . concise version of your rental agreement will be sent to your cell phone via messaging . fuel is full, and is best to return filled, or else they will charge you later . once in your car : you will have to pay more-or-less W1,000 parking fee as you exit – no validation ticket necessary as all is registered via CCTV camera when the car entered the parking lot . and as is with any major airport : try to take the outer lanes when you get out of the parking lot – if not : you will be circling here for-ever //
  6. Drop-Off : park the car near the Rentacar House and come to the company’s outer trailer, and an attendant will go check your together, you pay him W1,000 parking fee and he will send a return confirmation message to your cell phone .

– Beginning of Summer 2016, Jeju isle dot com –

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