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Automobile Air Vent Mount SmartPhone Holder

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First thing you need when renting a car in the Mobile Age, is a holder for your iPhone or SmartPhone . most rent-a-car comes with an independent navigation (than a built-in one as it is much cheaper) but you may not be aquainted with its software program and may have maps saved in your own phone . ofcourse if this was your own car : you may buy one that sticks on your dashboard or mounts on the front glass, but a detachable one would be better on a rented car .

many such models are available, dependent on how it attaches on the front dashboard ( in the order from top to bottom level)

  1. clips onto any of your air vent,
  2. holds onto CD/DVD slot,
  3. or inserts into the cup holder .

1.above should be best as is closer to eye-level, and choices abound on On-Line shopping malls, but you really want to see for yourself how it attaches and how durable it is . to do this you can yonder onto a super-mart, car center where they also have accessories . Plus Japanese-turned-Korean version of Daiso convenience stores are getting larger by the Month, and they also have a small automotive corner with a selection of these too //

most are rigid on a single piece, so here’s one that comes in two pieces and can turn directions : the clip portion attaches onto the air vent, then you slide-in the handler, which you can lock-in, to unlock later . all so good, except this is made of thin plastic, so once you yank it by accident, you would be looking for a replacement . but in all fairness : light to carry .


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