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Jeju is an island beyond the Southern end of the Korean Peninsula, large enough (but again the whole of Korea is quite a small nation) to be one of nine administrative regions called “Do” pronounced Doe . it is oval-shaped like an egg slanted to the right .

it was formed from a volcano about 700,000 Years ago, thus its center forms Halla Mountain, while its encircling shores make a perfect sea-side drive-way . although it can be encircled in a day by automobile, it can be best toured by stopping over-night once or twice at the following accent points .

three major towns or cities form Jeju’s activities : Jeju City at North-end, JungMun Resort at South-West and SeoGwiPo opposite at South-East . there used to be only three major roads until the end of the decade : one encircling the whole island, and two crossing North-South on either side of Halla-San(Mountain). but with real-estate BOOM over the Millennium, have made a spider-web of roads . at the same time, where KAL Hotel operated by Korean Airlines was the only building in Jeju City standing in seventies and eighties : a number of international hotel chains and especially increasingly-popular pensions in the out-door age, are dotting all over the island now over 2016 .


Jeju island was never a cheap place to shop nor stay, as everything has to be shipped or flown-in . thus lost much of its tourist-base, as the country developed and vacationers preferred cheaper South-East Asian resorts instead . but with smaller, discount airlines beginning in Korea as with Jeju Air where now you can get a round-trip fair from the Capital of SEOUL for less than W20,000 if the hours AND dates are right, PLUS Duty-Free allowance although limited – for even Korean travelers : it is now a up-and-rising region a good decade Post-Millennium .

ever-increasing population here come from two large groups :

  1. Koreans from metropolitan main-land relocating for natural environment, who are dotting the island with new-concept cafes and restaurants .
  2. government policy to grant residency to Chinese who purchase land here, have a major impact the past three years – where parts of this island look and sound more like China than Korea (largely witnessed at larger restaurants, shopping outlets and hotels)!


– NEW Years 2016, Jeju isle dot com –

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