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although ships carry materials and passengers, much is being flown-in to this major island still in its BOOM . and Jeju Airport is my kind of airport with close access to its service city – but actually it borders just North-West of Jeju City! which is at North-end of the island .


  • 1940’s Jeju Airport was initially built by the Japanese, during its Pacific Theatre
  • 1958 Officially began operation as Jeju Airport, by the Korean government
  • 1968 Leveled-up as an international Airport, with flights between neighboring Osaka .
  • 1983 Expanded to the current terminal, then further in 1992, 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2012
  • a second airport has been approved November 2015, to be constructed at South-East-end of the island by 2025 (after a false-speculation it will be built on the opposite side North-West).
  • as of January 2016 Chinese airlines and flights, out-number domestic, and those of neighboring Japan and South-East Asian countries //



I repeat again : North-Western tip of Jeju’s major City connects South-East end of the Airport, so convenient – Yes, but also means this is a traffic bottle-neck . You have to plan your route in advance – especially when to move to which lane . or else you will be circling the outer ring of this sole airport for-ever //



  • West Wing handles international flights while East : domestic
  • 4th Floor (Western half) larger restaurants
  • 3rd Floor – Departure
  • 2nd Floor – Shopping & Cafes
  • 1st (ground) Floor – Arrivals



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