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Much like the young surfers who dwell on Belmont Shores just South of Los Angeles and roller skaters on Venice Beach, West of LA : I am of the school that after such pleasurable life on sunny beaches, you go when it is time to go (hopefully further onto Heaven).

Volcanic activity on The Korean Peninsula is known to have been very active during the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era 145,500,000 to 66,000,000 years ago . The very Jeju island as a whole was formed from volcanic activity during Pliocene Period of the Cenozoic Era 5,332,000 to 2,588,000 years ago, and Mount Halla at its core is still well and alive but NOT with as much natural hot springs that surround its Northern counterpart Mount BaekDu at the Northern tip of North Korea . it is only “considered” dormant by local researchers, because they cannot yet exactly date its last eruption .


[ Historic Records ]

  • mid-GoRyo MokJong rule (1002 & 1007) : “Fire, ash and mud extruded from Mount Halla crumble on domestic areas and hurt humans and animals.”



” Jeju dot com has put a series of Raspberry Pi 2 & 3’s into further research on past and future eruption of Mount Halla.”

– Beginning of Summer 2016, Jeju isle dot com –

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