Jeju isle

Quantum of the Seas docked at Busan

A¬†gigantic ship docked on South Korea’s South-Eastern-most Port of Busan 6:50 in the morning, the only cruise ship since two Months on the out-break of Corona Virus-gone-Pandemic . US Royal Caribbean’s enormous 167,000-ton (largest at time of Launch in 2014) Quantum of the Seas – the largest cruise ship sailing around Asia –¬† but none of its 1400-strong crews (1500 maximum for 4905 passengers) disembarked, only to refit on provisions (estimated purchase here W600,000,000 after last restock and crew exchange at Singapore on March 22) where no physical contact was made instead all paper-works done via eMail, then to head-off to China during the wee-hours tomorrow before Sun-rise .

Alas, here the grande-production of Post-Millennium Mankind : May Poseidon guard you through this NEW Age of Epidemics

– Jeju isle the Sailing BLog around the Pacific Rim

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