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Jeju Airport Rent a Car House CLOSE

Renting a car is one necessary ritual when you fly-in to Jeju Airport . and the procedure has been facilitated by erecting a single-floor building at the North-West end of Airport Parking Lot . built on March 2012 a short walk out of Arrival Gate 5, 67 car rental companies large-and-small had small booths in the building with their automobile fleet taking-up 19,297 parking spaces on the Western half of the whole Jeju Airport Parking Lot .

but as told on our rent-a-car Page on Top Menu : this amounted largely to immense traffic jam coming into and out of the Airport Parking Lot . it has been researched last December that 62.8% of traffic at the 5-way intersection South-East of the airport resulted from rent-a-cars . Jejudo (Jeju island), Korea Airports Corporation and Jejudo automobile lease association have agreed today to close this Rent-a-car House by this September .

further plans have to be yet worked-out, but probably travelers will be hurdled onto surrounding rent-a-car company branches instead .


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