Jeju isle


Although this island is quite large, compared to those that dot Korea’s Western shores, everything has to be shipped or flown-in aside from tropical fruits, vegetables and ecstatically-fresh sea-food . meaning : do not expect the price to be cheap .

  • this has long been a tourist destination, so many shop at Duty-Free stores .
  • group flight tickets usually have contracted stores the operators are obliged to drive their customers to by bus, which are often close to no-where .
  • fresh and dry seafood can be bought directly from divers and boats at smaller ports but these are reducing .
  • electronics stores are almost non-existent on this vacation paradise, so get your iPhone and smart-phone accessories before you arrive !


and if you are one of the lucky ones who have recently relocated here : there are a hand-full of huge super-marts although in major cities of Jeju and SeoGuiPo .


– D-Day 2016, Jeju isle dot com –

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